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Updated review in August 2015 to include new Android app, new order types, and more.Once they are available, Robinhood will be the only brokerage you need.

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I started out as a beta user in mid-2014 with their beautiful but manually-installed iPhone app.

What I was struck by at first was what a nice, clean design they had.

Reddit, Y'all. Company. Advertise.Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading app available to anyone with a smartphone.

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I bought stocks 3 to 8 a day and sold it on the next day even if I gain a dollar.I was hoping to transfer all my accounts to Robinhood in 2015.Launched a year ago, the app looks like it should be used to hail a ride, but.It may help some with post on here about the hold times of receive their money to and from their account.When I registered my account there was no way to pick the account type, like margin, IRA, Roth IRA, etc.Robinhood Markets Inc., or simply Robinhood,. or options trading on its. technology to the retail brokerage market with Robinhood, a commission free stock.

In 2013 they founded Robinhood, a commission-free trading app.Robinhood, which makes a popular app for trading stocks without fees,.

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A technology startup, Robinhood, created a minimalist mobile-based stock-trading app targeting millennials.Giving your login info for a bank account is standard procedure now.That is a pretty bold move, and I was skeptical when they started getting noticed in late 2013.Today Robinhood is opening up its zero-commission stock trading iOS app to everyone.Bloomberg Business Bloomberg Politics Bloomberg View Bloomberg Television Bloomberg Radio Bloomberg Mobile Apps News Bureaus.

Robinhood is a new broker, who lets customers purchase US stocks for no commission.One major drawback is that it does not allow me to trade after hours.Robinhood is a new trading app that promises users free trades and no account.Giving a LOGIN is NOT standard procedure now and saying so is incredibly misleading.Robinhood just introduced their Android app this week (August 2015).Brick by brick your wealth will build until you find yourself living comfortably.There are no trade limits per week on cash accounts. 3 per 5 days is for RH Margin accounts.

I use BofA and get 30 commission free trades a month (all my combined accounts, trading, checking, etc, qualifies me).

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I think they should hold back giving out new invitations and making new accounts to take care of important issues the current accounts are having they clearly cannot handle everything.

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